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Audiobooks & eBooks

Audible StoriesA collection of stories for free, during the pandemic!  (A paid membership to Audible is required for their complete collection...which includes just about every audiobook ever created.)

Destiny DiscovereBooks & audiobooks with checkout required for long term use.  Log in using your school username and birthday password, or access through ClassLink.

SORAFiction! Nonfiction! eBooks, audiobooks, read-alongs, and videos!  (log-in required)

HooplaeBooks and audiobooks, fiction and nonfiction!  Also has movies & music.  Create a free account with your public library card, then use the app for easy listening and reading.

-fictional eBooks (log-in required)


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Additional eBook & Audiobook Resources 

The resources listed below are not available to every student as they either require special permissions to use, or they may require a paid membership.


Students with IEPs or 504 plans that recommend audiobooks can get a free Bookshare account by contacting the counselors and/or librarian at Berkshire.  This will connect you with nearly every novel and textbook ever made, in a text-to-speech audio format