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Jason Clinkscale

Jason Clinkscale Headshot

Principal's Greeting

Diversity is not only a fact of life, but also a wellspring of creativity and enrichment for society. 

— Reza Aslan

With over three decades of experience in education, Jason Clinkscale is a dedicated educator whose journey began as a middle school teacher. Joining Birmingham Public Schools in 2006, he took on roles as assistant principal and athletic director, showcasing his versatile skills. In 2011, he became principal at Berkshire, where he excelled as an instructional leader, prioritizing academic excellence and emotional well-being.

His commitment to personalized education ensures that each student's unique needs are met, fostering an inclusive atmosphere where diversity is celebrated. Jason's transformative journey from a teacher to Berkshire's principal reflects his unwavering commitment to education, shaping a thriving and inclusive educational community where every student succeeds.